VIBC - Specimen: Vibrio Culture, Stool

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Test Name

Test ID: VIBC    
Vibrio Culture, Stool

Testing Algorithm Delineates situations when tests are added to the initial order. This includes reflex and additional tests.

When this test is ordered, the reflex tests may be performed and charged separately.

Specimen Type Describes the specimen type validated for testing


Specimen Required Defines the optimal specimen. This field describes the type of specimen required to perform the test and the preferred volume to complete testing. The volume allows automated processing, fastest throughput and, when indicated, repeat or reflex testing.

Specimen must arrive within 96 hours of collection.


Specimen Type: Preserved Stool

Container/Tube: Commercially available transport system specific for recovery of enteric pathogens from fecal specimens (15 mL of non-nutritive transport medium containing phenol red as a pH indicator, either Cary-Blair or Para-Pak C and S)

Specimen Volume: 1 gram or 5 mL (Representative portion of stool specimen)

Collection Instructions: Collect fresh stool and submit in container with transport medium.

Specimen Minimum Volume The amount of sample necessary to provide a clinically relevant result as determined by the Laboratory.

1 mL

Reject Due To Identifies specimen types and conditions that may cause the specimen to be rejected








Stool swab, stool in Ecofix (green cap), Preserved stool >96 hours, specimen in buffered glycerol saline transport media, or frozen

Specimen Stability Information Provides a description of the temperatures required to transport a specimen to the laboratory. Alternate acceptable temperatures are also included.

Specimen TypeTemperatureTime
FecalAmbient (preferred)4 days
 Refrigerated 4 days