1A2 - Performance: Cytochrome P450 1A2 Genotype

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Test ID: 1A2    
Cytochrome P450 1A2 Genotype

Method Description Describes how the test is performed and provides a method-specific reference

Genomic DNA is extracted from whole blood. Genotyping for specific CYP1A2 variants is performed after PCR amplification and allele-specific primer extension with Luminex Molecular Diagnostics' proprietary Universal Tag sorting system on the Luminex 100 xMAP platform. Genotypes are assigned based upon the alleles detected.(Unpublished Mayo method)

PDF Report Indicates whether the report includes an additional document with charts, images or other enriched information


Analytic Time Defines the amount of time it takes the laboratory to setup and perform the test. This is defined in number of days. The shortest interval of time expressed is "same day/1 day," which means the results may be available the same day that the sample is received in the testing laboratory. One day means results are available 1 day after the sample is received in the laboratory.

2 days (Not reported Saturday or Sunday)

Maximum Laboratory Time Defines the maximum time from specimen receipt at Mayo Medical Laboratories until the release of the test result

8 days

Specimen Retention Time Outlines the length of time after testing that a specimen is kept in the laboratory before it is discarded

Whole Blood: 2 weeks Extracted DNA: 2 months

Performing Laboratory Location The location of the laboratory that performs the test