APSM - Overview: Alpha-2 Plasmin Inhibitor, Plasma

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Alpha-2 Plasmin Inhibitor, Plasma

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Diagnosing congenital alpha-2 plasmin inhibitor deficiencies (rare)


Providing a more complete assessment of disseminated intravascular coagulation, intravascular coagulation and fibrinolysis, or hyperfibrinolysis (primary fibrinolysis), when measured in conjunction with fibrinogen, fibrin D-dimer, fibrin degradation products, soluble fibrin monomer complex, and plasminogen


Evaluating liver disease


Evaluating the effects of fibrinolytic or antifibrinolytic therapy

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Hydrolysis of Synthetic Chromogenic Substrate, Colorimetric End point
Includes measurement of the function of antiplasmin, mostly alpha-2-antiplasmin, with slight interference
from alpha-2-macroglobulin.

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Alpha-2 Plasmin Inhibitor, P

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Alpha 2 Antiplasmin
Alpha-2 Proteinase Inhibitor
Antiplasmin - Off hours order 399
Antiplasmin, Functional, Plasma
Functional Antiplasmin
Plasmin Inhibitor