PCT - Overview: Procalcitonin, Serum

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Procalcitonin, Serum

Useful For Suggests clinical disorders or settings where the test may be helpful

Diagnosis of bacteremia and septicemia in adults and children (including neonates)


Diagnosis of renal involvement in urinary tract infection in children


Diagnosis of bacterial infection in neutropenic patients


Diagnosis, risk stratification, and monitoring of septic shock


Diagnosis of systemic secondary infection post-surgery, and in severe trauma, burns, and multiorgan failure


Differential diagnosis of bacterial versus viral meningitis


Differential diagnosis of community-acquired bacterial versus viral pneumonia


Monitoring of therapeutic response to antibacterial therapy

Method Name A short description of the method used to perform the test

Homogeneous Time-Resolved Fluorescence

NY State Approved Indicates the status of NY State approval and if the test is orderable for NY State clients.


Reporting Name A shorter/abbreviated version of the Published Name for a test; an abbreviated test name

Procalcitonin, S