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Hemoglobin F, Red Cell Distribution, Blood

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Distinguishing large deletional hereditary persistence of fetal hemoglobin from other conditions with increased percentage of fetal hemoglobin


Determining the distribution of Hb F within red blood cells

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Test IDReporting NameAvailable SeparatelyAlways Performed
HBFHemoglobin F, BNoYes

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The percent of the patient's hemoglobin F is very important to the clinical utility of this test. HBF / Hemoglobin F, Blood will be performed at an additional charge to determine if Hemoglobin F, Red Cell Distribution testing is warranted. If the hemoglobin F value is normal for age or if the value is less than 5%, the red cell distribution test will not be performed. Samples with hemoglobin F (Hb F) levels above 35% will be accepted but are discouraged due to decreased test specificity. For these markedly elevated Hb F levels, a hemoglobin electrophoresis profile with request for beta globin gene molecular testing for elevated Hb F levels is recommended.


For information on thalassemias and appropriate test ordering, see Thalassemia/Hemoglobinopathy Patient Information in Special Instructions.

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Flow Cytometry

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Hemoglobin F, Red Cell Distrib, B

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Acid Elution Test for Fetal Hgb
Fetal Hemoglobin
Hemoglobin F, Red Cell Distribution, Blood - NOT FOR MATERNAL BLEED