BRAFB - Overview: Cell-Free DNA BRAF V600 Test, Blood

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Cell-Free DNA BRAF V600 Test, Blood

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An alternative to invasive tissue biopsies for the determination of BRAF V600E and V600 K mutations


Identification of patients with melanoma who are most likely to benefit from targeted therapies

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This test evaluates cell-free DNA (cfDNA) in the peripheral blood for the presence of BRAF V600E or K mutations in patients with melanoma and can be used to determine if these patients are candidates for targeted therapies.


This test is not validated for serial monitoring of patients with malignant melanoma, nor should it be used for evaluating patients with other malignancies. This test is also not intended as a screening test to identify cancer.


Evaluates peripheral blood for BRAF mutations in cell-free DNA


Detection of BRAF mutations in melanoma patients as an alternative for BRAF analysis of tissue


Current data suggests that the efficacy of BRAF-targeted therapy and anti-MEK therapy in melanoma is limited to patients whose tumors harbor a V600E/K mutation

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Digital Droplet Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)

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cfDNA BRAF V600 Test, Blood

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Cell free DNA
cell-free DNA
circulating tumor DNA
liquid biopsy
Circulating tumor cells