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Phlebotomy Techniques

Applied Techniques for Difficulties in Phlebotomy

This comprehensive program focuses on the difficulties phlebotomists face while obtaining collections from a variety of patient populations and situations.

Process Improvement

Case Studies in Process Improvement

Video presentations that provide short discussions on case studies about continuous process improvement in a laboratory setting. Presented by Mayo Clinic systems engineers.

Customer Service

Secondary Access Required Customer Service Training

Customer service learning modules designed to help enhance interactions with clients and build exceptional customer service experiences.

Fundamentals of Phlebotomy

Fundamentals of Phlebotomy

This video presentation covers the entire phlebotomy venipuncture process. Topics include phlebotomy supplies, patient safety, and patient identification.

Hot Topics

Hot Topics

Video presentations discussing laboratory topics and test utilization presented by Mayo Clinic laboratory professionals. Many of the Hot Topics include a Q&A session with the presenter.

Pediatric Phlebotomy Library

Secondary Access Required Pediatric Phlebotomy

Video presentations that discuss pediatric phlebotomy-related topics. Presented by physicians and leaders in the Mayo Clinic Phlebotomy practice.

Profiles in Genetics

Profiles in Genetics

These video presentations demonstrate how an evaluation by a genetic counselor can improve test selection. Presented by Mayo Clinic genetic counselors.

Virtual Lectures

Secondary Access Required Virtual Lecture Series

Video presentations by Mayo Clinic physicians, scientists, and allied health staff, from sources such as webinars, conferences, and grand rounds.

Mayo Clinic PathWays

Mayo Clinic PathWays

Learning tool for pathologists featuring case studies and other resources from Mayo Clinic physicians, scientists, residents, and fellows.

Creepy Dreadful Wonderful Parasites

Creepy, Dreadful, Wonderful Parasites

A weekly blog featuring case studies on parasites by Bobbi Pritt, M.D.