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Can I arrange for Mayo Medical Laboratories to expedite or hold my specimen?

Mayo Medical Laboratories serves as a reference laboratory for clients around the country and world. Our test information, including days and time assays are performed as well as analytic turnaround time, is included under each test listing in the Test Catalog on MayoMedicalLaboratories.com. Unique circumstances may arise with a patient resulting in a physician request that the specimen or results receive special handling. There are several options available. These options can only be initiated by contacting Mayo Laboratory Inquiry at 800-533-1710 and providing patient demographic information. There is a nominal charge associated with any special handling.

- Hold: If you would like to send us a specimen and hold that specimen for testing pending initial test results performed at your facility, please call Mayo Laboratory Inquiry. We will initiate a hold and stabilize the specimen until we hear from you.

- Expedite: If you would like us to expedite the specimen to the performing laboratory, you can call Mayo Laboratory Inquiry and request that your specimen be expedited. Once the shipment is received in our receiving area, we will deliver the specimen to the performing laboratory for the next scheduled analytic run. We will not set up a special run to accommodate an expedite request.

- STAT: In rare circumstances, STAT testing from the reference laboratory may be required for patients who need immediate treatment. These cases typically necessitate a special analytic run to turn results around as quickly as possible. To arrange STAT testing, please have your pathologist, physician, or laboratory director call Mayo Laboratory Inquiry. He/she will be connected with one of our medical directors to consult about the patient's case. Once mutually agreed upon that there is a need for a STAT, arrangements will be made to assign resources to run the testing on a STAT basis when the specimen is received.

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