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Why aren't there reports in my report portal if I was notified that they are there?

Notifications of new reports are sent to client e-mail addresses we have on file. These are not necessarily the e-mail addresses that clients used to register at MayoMedicalLaboratories.com.

For security reasons, the reports are only shown to the e-mail address we have on file. If you sign in with a different e-mail address than the one to which we sent the notification e-mail, you will not be able to see the report.

Example: Bob checks his work e-mail (bob@bobsworkmail.com) and receives a note that he has new reports to view. He goes to the Mayo Medical Laboratories web site and registers as a new user. However, instead of using his work e-mail, he registers with his personal e-mail address (bjohnson@bobsmail.com). As the e-mail addresses do not match, he will not be able to view the reports in his report portal.

Solution 1: On MayoMedicalLaboratories.com, go to your profile. Change the e-mail address to the one that the report was mailed to.

Solution 2: Contact Customer Service and ask that the report notifications be sent to your registered user e-mail address. Customer Service will inform Quality Assurance, who will change the e-mail address that we have on file for reports. This will send future report notifications to the new e-mail address and allow you to view the past reports as well.

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