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Why doesn't my Flash video start playing?

Situation: You are trying to view a video via our standard video player. This is the player that is embedded in our standard page design and seen in various places throughout the site, such as Disease Management Strategies or About Us. When clicking to start the video, you see a small cursor that spins clockwise indicating that the video is buffering and loading, but it never begins to play. If it is loading properly, you will see a numbered percentage in the center that gets larger and larger until the video is buffered enough and it can begin playing.

There are three possible reasons that this is happening:

  1. If the cursor is spinning but no numbers ever appear, 9 times out of 10 it is because you do not have the latest version of Adobe Flashplayer. Downloading and installing the latest version should resolve this.
  2. Streaming Flash video uses the RTMP protocol over port 1935, and that port could be blocked by an end-user’s firewall. Check with your IT department about allowing traffic on port 1935.
  3. You may have a very slow connection to the Internet, and the video is loading but it will take a long time to buffer. If numbers appear at the center of the spinning cursor, even if it's "stuck" at 0%, that would indicate that it is working but it is taking too long to receive the video.

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