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In what situations would you contact the referring physician directly?

When providing esoteric reference testing, we work directly with the ordering facility. In rare cases, we may need to contact the ordering physician directly. For example:

  • To gather information not provided. When necessary to the performance of a test, the ordering physician's name and phone number are requested in the Specimen Required section of the test to allow our physicians to make timely consultations or seek clarification of requested services. (In the online Test Catalog, you will find the Specimen Required section on the Specimen tab of each test.) If this information is not provided at the time of specimen receipt, we will call you to obtain the information. By providing this information upfront, delays in patient care are avoided.
  • To clarify or interpret a test result. In some situations, additional information from the ordering physician is necessary to clarify or interpret a test result. At that time, we will request the physician's name and phone number so our staff can consult with the physician. Working together, we will provide your patients with the highest quality testing services in the shortest possible time.


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