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What is the urine collection process for my specimen?

24-Hour Urine Collections: We provide 24-hour urine collection containers. Use the following procedure for correct specimen collection and preparation.

  • Warn patient of presence of potentially hazardous preservatives in collection container.
  • Instruct patient to discard first-morning specimen and to record time of voiding.
  • Patient should collect all subsequent voided urine for remainder of the day and night.
  • Collect first-morning specimen on day 2 at same time as noted on day 1.
  • Mix well before aliquoting and provide total volume of 24-hour urine collection.

Random Collections: For routine analysis and microscopic evaluation, have patient void into a clean container. Specimen should be capped, labeled, and refrigerated until courier pickup time. A "clean-catch" or midstream specimen is preferred. Patient should first void a small amount of urine which is discarded. Some of the urine should then be collected in a clean container before voiding is completed.

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