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How do I subscribe (or unsubscribe) to e-mail updates?

When registering, you may select one or more interest areas. We will e-mail you when new or updated information is available based on your preferences.

New Registrations

As you fill out the new user registration form, check the boxes next to the appropriate interests. For example, if you wish to be alerted to new additions to the site, place a check by "Web site features and enhancements."

Your Profile

After signing in, select "My Profile" to update your interest areas. If you are receiving a newsletter that you do not want to receive, but you wish to stay subscribed to other interest areas, then check or uncheck the appropriate boxes.

If You Have Unsubscribed

At the bottom of every newsletter is an unsubscribe link. If you click it, you will be automatically unsubscribed from all e-mails sent by Mayo Medical Laboratories. Upon doing this, changing the checkboxes under your Profile will not have any effect.

If you have unsubscribed and you wish to subscribe again, contact Customer Service. Request that they notify the web team of your need to be removed from the unsubscribe list, and give them your e-mail address.

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