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Many of the questions in MayoAccess allow free text entry. Is there a preferred answer for the following?

  • Duration
  • Volume
  • Source
  • Dosage
  • Time
  • Date

Yes, the correct answers for these questions are as follows:

  • Duration - Enter 12, 24, Random without adding the words hours or hrs, etc.
  • Volume - Enter 250, 1200 without adding milliliters or ml, etc.
  • Source - Be very specific when entering a source, the more detail the better. Examples may include: Left Eye, Right Big Toe, Left Forearm, etc.
  • Dosage - Enter the dosage without adding milligrams as Mayo's LIS system will not receive the value if is entered as 5 mg
  • Time must always be entered in military time. Example: 0200 for 2:00 am or 1400 for 2:00 pm
  • Date must always be entered as MM/DD/YYYY Example: 02/14/2008

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