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International Payment Instructions

Each month, Mayo Medical Laboratories clients receive an itemized invoice with the dates of service, patient's name, procedure codes, test descriptions, and test charges. Payments are due within 30 days of the invoice date and clients can choose their preferred payment method.

Credit Card Payment

Mayo Medical Laboratories accepts and encourages both Visa and MasterCard credit cards as forms of payment. Complete the Visa or Mastercard Payment Procedure form or provide the same required information on your company letterhead. When your credit card information is received, your account will be credited with the payment amount.

Wire Transfer of Payment

Funds can be sent by wire transfer from your bank location directly to Mayo Medical Laboratories. To send payment by wire transfer, complete the following steps:

  1. Select a bank that will correspond with a United States bank of your choice.
  2. When arranging the transfer of payment, include the following required information:
    • Facility or individual contact name
    • Account number (this is the account number that Mayo Medical Laboratories provided to you)
    • Invoice number (this is the number on your invoice statement that identifies the transaction)
  3. Send your payment to Mayo Medical Laboratories.

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  4. For assistance, contact International Customer Service.