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Back to Test Changes Additional Files For Hematopathology Consultation, Wet Tissue

Test Test Name File
9172 Bone Marrow Biopsy
61125 Hemepath Consult, with Comprehensive Review of History
62373 Hemepath Consult, with USS Prof.
61124 Hemepath Consult, with Slide Prep
61123 Hemepath Consult, Outside Slide
61664 HemePath, Level VI, Wet Tissue
61663 HemePath, Level V, Wet Tissue
61662 HemePath, Level IV, Wet Tissue
61661 HemePath, Level III, Wet Tissue
61649 HemePath, Level II, Wet Tissue
61648 HemePath, Level I, Gross Exam
9196 Bone Marrow Aspirate
82972 Peripheral Blood Smear Examination