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Back to Test Changes Additional Files For Pathology Consultation

Test Test Name File
61125 Hemepath Consult, with Comprehensive Review of History
62373 Hemepath Consult, with USS Prof.
61124 Hemepath Consult, with Slide Prep
61123 Hemepath Consult, Outside Slide
62202 DermPath Consult, w/Comp Review of History
62198 Renal Pathology Consult, with Complete Review of History
62366 Renal Pathology Consult, with USS Prof
62197 Renal Pathology Consult, with Slide Prep
62196 Renal Pathology Consultation, Outside Slide
62374 Derm Pathology Consult, with USS Prof
62467 DermPath Consult, w/Slide Prep
62466 DermPath Consult, Outside Slide
62474 AnatPath Consult, w/Comp Rvw of His
62473 AnatPath Consult, w/Slide Prep
62472 AnatPath Consult, Outside Slide
62376 Anatomic Pathology Consult, with USS Prof