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Pertussis Outbreak, Southeastern Minnesota, 2012

Pertussis Outbreak, Southeastern Minnesota, 2012 [Communiqué]In 2012, southeastern Minnesota experienced its largest local pertussis outbreak in recent history. In this article, we report the epidemiology and clinical and microbiological characteristics of the pertussis outbreak and examine possible contributing factors.

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MicrobeWatch: Jan. 5 Influenza Update

MicrobeWatch: Jan. 5 Influenza UpdateAccording to data from the Mayo Clinic Clinical Virology Laboratory, influenza activity has hit its peak in Rochester, Minnesota, and is widespread in 43 states, including Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin and South Dakota. The most common subtype is H3N2, which appears to be responding well to antivirals.

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Reverse Sequence Screening for Syphilis

Reverse Sequence Screening for SyphilisIn a recent article in AACC, Elitza Theel, Ph.D., Director of the Infectious Disease Serology Laboratory at Mayo Clinic, and Matt Binnicker, Ph.D., Director of the Clinical Virology Laboratory in the Division of Clinical Microbiology at Mayo Clinic, review current syphilis assays and explain how laboratories can implement a new algorithm and advise clinicians.

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