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Catalogs by Discipline

Hematology Test Catalog

Diagnostic hematopathology has become an increasingly complex subspecialty, particularly with neoplastic disorders of blood and bone marrow. The Hematology Test Catalog offers a single, comprehensive menu of screening, diagnostic, prognostic, and monitoring tests for hematopoietic diseases.

Microbiology and Infectious Disease

The Division of Microbiology works closely with two other divisions at the Mayo Clinic—the Division of Infectious Diseases and the Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases. This collaboration creates an integrated approach to disease management and drives the conception, development, and validation of innovative tests and algorithms. We have grouped our tests into categories to provide an efficient method of identifying testing options related to infectious disease.


As pharmacogenomic testing has proven to be a clinically valuable and cost-effective tool in clinical management strategies, it has become more widely adopted by a broad spectrum of physicians. We offer a variety of pharmacogenomic tests and our laboratories actively contribute to the study and advancement of pharmacogenomic testing and related technologies, with the goal of enhancing clinical patient care.

Pediatric Test Catalog

The Pediatric Test Catalog offers a single, comprehensive source for test information related to pediatric testing. This catalog combines the test requirements information from the Mayo Medical Laboratories Test Catalog and the clinical and interpretive information found in the Mayo Medical Laboratories Interpretive Handbook. Pediatricians and physicians in family practice will find this guide especially useful.

Pediatric Test Reference Values

Establishing age-specific reference ranges for children is challenging, but necessary, as their biologic and developmental characteristics may vary significantly between ages and from adults. Pediatric Test Reference Values includes those tests currently available from Mayo Medical Laboratories that are relevant to the care of pediatric patients.

Biochemical Genetics

The Biochemical Genetics Lab (BGL) is an interdisciplinary group of laboratorians, geneticists, and physicians working in a state of the art environment. The mission of BGL is to provide biochemical testing and result interpretation of the highest quality for the diagnosis, study, and clinical care of patients with inborn errors of metabolism, malabsorption, and malnutrition disorders. The list of Metabolite and Enzyme Assays can be viewed either alphabetically or by category. Testing is performed by the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology.


The Cytogenetics Laboratory provides comprehensive services in all types of chromosome studies, including congenital disorders, prenatal diagnosis, and hematologic/oncologic disorders. These studies include both traditional cytogenetics techniques as well as molecular cytogenetics by FISH. Choose from the Cytogenetics Testing for Congenital Disorders , Cytogenetic Testing for Neoplastic Disorders and Cytogenetic Testing for Solid Tumors

Fertility Testing

The Fertility Testing (Andrology) Laboratory offers both analytic tests and clinical services to patients within Mayo Clinic and to outside clients via Mayo Medical Laboratories. Within the clinic our services are requested by physicians within reproductive endocrinology, urology, family medicine and oncology.

Molecular Genetics

The Molecular Genetics Laboratory at Mayo provides expertise in DNA/molecular genetic testing for both congenital and inherited cancer syndromes.