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Molecular Hematopathology Laboratory

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Molecular Hematology and Cytogenetics Laboratories

BCR/ABL, mRNA Detection, Reverse Transcription-PCR (RT-PCR), Qualitative, Diagnostic Assay
(Test ID: BADX)

Aids in the diagnostic workup for patients with bcr/abl-positive neoplasms, predominantly chronic myeloid leukemia and acute lymphocytic leukemia

When positive, the test identifies which mRNA fusion variant is present to guide selection of an appropriate monitoring assy.

If a quantitative monitoring assay is not available for a rare fusion variant, this assay may be of some value for monitoring, as it is quite sensitive and can provide a positive or negative result.

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Testing of Hematopoietic Neoplasms

The molecular hematology laboratory is directed by physician laboratorians who understand the clinical testing needs and complexities of appropriate test integration for all aspects of patient management, including diagnosis, prognosis, and therapy monitoring. This expertise is available to Mayo Medical Laboratories' clients through interpretive reporting and consultative services. Specialized tests required for the management of patients with hematopoietic disorders are rigorously validated and continuously monitored to ensure reliable, high-quality results. The molecular and cytogenetic laboratories work collaboratively to offer a comprehensive and practical test menu.

Optimal Test Utilization

All common specimen types are validated for flexibility, and a convenient "extract and hold" option is available to ensure the extraction of high-quality nucleic acid for
possible future molecular testing if testing may be delayed. The laboratory supports ongoing development and continues to incorporate innovative platforms and testing strategies to expand the test menu as clinical needs arise.

Expert Consultants

Our laboratory is managed by molecular hematopathologists who understand the complexity of hematopoietic processes. They interpret results and are available for questions regarding testing, clinical utilization, and differential diagnosis. The staff has diagnostic expertise honed by collaboration with the large clinical hematology practice at Mayo Clinic and includes national and international experts on hematopoietic disorders.