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Hematology and Hematopathology

General Hematology Laboratory

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General Hematology Laboratory

Hematopathology Consultation

Diagnostic hematopathology has become an increasingly complex subspecialty, particularly with neoplastic disorders of blood and bone marrow. The clinical, therapeutic, and prognostic features of these disorders are often distinctive, while the pathologic features are quite subtle, requiring the application of ancillary studies (eg, cytochemistry, immunohistochemistry, flow cytometric immunophenotyping, cytogenetics, and molecular genetics) to establish a diagnosis. Furthermore, these ancillary studies are expensive, labor intensive, and are most efficiently utilized and interpreted in the context of the morphologic features.

It is the Division of Hematopathology's goal to provide the highest possible level of diagnostic consultative service, trying to balance optimal patient care with a cost-conscious approach to solving difficult diagnostic problems.

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Testing of Hematopoietic Neoplasms

The General Hematology laboratory performs many different roles. Along with performing automated complete blood counts (CBC) and reviewing peripheral blood smears, we routinely help collect the bone marrow samples that are brought back to the lab for Mayo Clinic patients. In addition, we process and review samples sent in by clients around the world.

Optimal Test Utilization

We are committed to continuous improvement of all aspects of patient care. In an effort to support and manage our goal to put the needs of the patient first, we diligently monitor and improve the processes, outcomes and client satisfaction. Our quality plan and responsibility matrixes are continuously reviewed and updated to meet the changing needs of our patients and our laboratory. We monitor such things as revised report rates, events and event resolution, as well as TAT. Proficiency testing and accrediting agencies allow us to benchmark with external laboratory sites and we strive to exceed the expectations of both our competitors and our accreditors.

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