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Test ID: 82091    
Amyloid Protein Identification, Paraffin, LC-MS/MS

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Secondary ID A test code used for billing and in test definitions created prior to November 2011


NY State Approved Indicates the status of NY State approval and if the test is orderable for NY State clients.


Useful For Suggests clinical disorders or settings where the test may be helpful

Definitive identification of amyloid proteins

Reflex Tests Lists test(s) that may or may not be performed, at an additional charge, depending on the result and interpretation of the initial test(s)

Test IDReporting NameAvailable SeparatelyAlways Performed
62473AnatPath Consult, w/Slide PrepNoNo
62474AnatPath Consult, w/Comp Rvw of HisNoNo
61124HemePath Consult, w/Slide PrepNoNo
61125HemePath Consult, w/Comp Rvw of HisNoNo
62197RenalPath Consult, w/Slide PrepNoNo
62198RenalPath Consult, w/Comp Rvw of HisNoNo

Additional Tests Lists test(s) that are always performed, at an additional charge, with the initial test(s)

Test IDReporting NameAvailable SeparatelyAlways Performed
89054Congo Red, StainNoYes

Testing Algorithm Delineates situation(s) when tests are added to the initial order. This includes reflex and additional tests.

When this test is ordered, Congo red stain will always be performed at an additional charge.


A pathology consultation is typically not required. If the amyloid subtyping results do not fit the clinical findings, a pathology consultation may be added if appropriate, upon client approval.

Method Name A short description of the method used to perform the test

82091: Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS/MS)

89054: Histological Stain

Reporting Name A shorter/abbreviated version of the Published Name for a test; an abbreviated test name

Amyloid Protein ID, Par, LC-MS/MS

Aliases Lists additional common names for a test, as an aid in searching

Amyloid AA
Amyloid AL
Amyloid ATTR
Amyloid LECT-2

The Amyloid Protein Identification test employs Liquid Tissue® sample preparation licensed from Expression Pathology Inc., Rockville MD, under U.S. Patent 7,473,532 and patents pending and foreign equivalents thereof.