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Test Catalog Updates

List of Updates

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Mayo Test ID/Secondary ID Nomenclature

The Test Catalog supports both Mayo Test ID and Secondary ID searches.

Mayo Test ID is now the preferred test ordering code. The Mayo Test ID is an alphanumeric code that represents each test.

Secondary ID is a numeric code that represents each test. The Secondary ID is the former Unit Code.

Specimen Required Field Update

The Specimen Required field has been simplified. The optimal specimen requirements are now listed by specimen type. The most basic specimen information is listed in an easy-to-read format.

Reject Due To Field Update

The Reject Due To field has been simplified to include only the rejection criteria. An "Other" category has been added to capture any criteria not defined in the preceding rows.

Test Setup Update

There are now two ways to review test setup data prior to selecting and ordering tests. In the LIS Resources callout, choose to download either an Excel or PDF file to view the setup information. The setup information has also been expanded to include more detail than previously available.

Multiple Test Setup Lookup

You can now view setup information for multiple tests by using the Test Setup Information generator. In the box, type a list of Test IDs. Click Generate File to create an Excel file containing test setup information for all tests in the list.

Print on Demand Catalog View

The Print on Demand version of the Test Catalog has been updated to include both the Mayo Test ID and the Secondary ID for each test.