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Bacterial Culture, Cystic Fibrosis, Respiratory

CPT Code Information Current Value

87070-Bacteria, Culture, Cystic Fibrosis, Respiratory

87077-Identification Commercial Kit  (if appropriate)

87077-Ident by MALDI-TOF mass spec (if appropriate)

87077-Bacteria Identification (if appropriate)

87153-Aerobe Ident by Sequencing (if appropriate)

87077-Additional Identification Procedure (if appropriate)

87147 x 5-Serologic Agglut Method 1 Ident (if appropriate)

87147-Serologic Agglut Method 2 Ident (if appropriate)

87147 x 5-Serologic Agglut Method 3 Ident (if appropriate)

87077-Identification Staphylococcus (if appropriate)

87077-Identification Streptococcus (if appropriate)

87185-Beta Lactamase (if appropriate)

87798 x 2-KPC and NDM PCR (if appropriate)

87185-Carbapenemase Detection, Modified Hodge Test (if appropriate)

CPT Code Information Value Prior to 1/01/2014 1:00pm

Bacteria, Culture, Cystic Fibrosis, Respiratory



Gram Negative Bacillus Ident

87077 (if appropriate)


Identification Commercial Kit

87077 (if appropriate)


Ident by MALDI-TOF mass spec

87077 (if appropriate)


Bacteria Identification

87077 (if appropriate)


Aerobe Ident by Sequencing

87153 (if appropriate)


Fluorescent Method Culture Typing

87140 (if appropriate)


Additional Identification Procedure

87077 (if appropriate)


Identification Staphylococcus

87077 (if appropriate)


Identification Streptococcus

87077 (if appropriate)


Beta Lactamase

87185 (if appropriate)



87150 (if appropriate)


Hodge Test

87185 (if appropriate)