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Organism Referred for Identification, Anaerobic Bacteria

CPT Code Information Current Value

87076-Organism Ref for ID, Anaerobic Bact

87076-Anaerobe Ident (if appropriate)

62258-Id MALDI-TOF Mass Spec Anaerobe (if appropriate)

87153-Anaerobe Ident by Sequencing (if appropriate)

CPT Code Information Value Prior to 5/13/2013 1:00pm

Organism Referred for Identification Anaerobic Bacteria

87076-Anaerobic isolate

87143-GLC (if appropriate)


Anaerobe identification

87076 (if appropriate)


Anaerobe with chromatography identification

87076 (if appropriate)


Anaerobe identification by sequencing

87153 (if appropriate)


Identification by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry

87077 (if appropriate)


Anaerobe susceptibility per agent

87181 (if appropriate)


Beta lactamase

87185 (if appropriate)