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Chromosome Analysis, Solid Tumors

CPT Code Information Current Value

88239-Tissue culture for tumor

88291-Interpretation and report

88299-Unlisted cytogenetic study (Refer to patient report to apply the appropriate CPT code below in place of this unlisted cytogenetic study CPT code)

Based on the total number of cells analyzed and counted, MML would recommend the following:

Chromosome analysis with less than 5 cells; CPT Code 88261 w/ modifier 52

Chromosome analysis with 5 to 14 cells; CPT Codes 88261, 88285

Chromosome analysis with 15 to 19 cells; CPT Code 88262

Chromosome analysis with 20 to 25 cells; CPT Code 88264

Chromosome analysis with more than 25 cells; CPT Codes 88264, 88285

CPT Code Information Value Prior to 4/17/2013 1:03pm

88239-Tissue culture for chromosome analysis

88291-Interpretation and report

88299-Unlisted cytogenetic study

88261-Chromosome analysis; count 5 cells, 1 karyotype, with banding (if appropriate)

88262-Chromosome analysis; count 15-20 cells, 2 karyotypes, with banding (if appropriate)

88264-Analyze 20-25 cells (if appropriate)

88285-Additional cells counted, each study (if appropriate)