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SEPT9 Gene, Known Mutation

CPT Code Information Current Value

81479- Unlisted molecular pathology procedure

CPT Code Information Value Prior to 1/01/2013 7:04am

SEPT9 Gene, Known Mutation

83891-Isolation or extraction of highly purified nucleic acid

83912-Interpretation and report


SEPT9 Gene, Large Deletion/Duplication                                                                

83900-Amplification, target, multiplex, first 2 nucleic acid sequences (if appropriate)                    

83909-Separation and identification by high-resolution technique (if appropriate)               

83914 x16-Mutation identification by enzymatic ligation or primer extension, single segment, each segment (if appropriate)


DNA Sequence, Follow-up Analysis

83898-Amplification, target, each nucleic acid sequence (if appropriate)

83909 x 2-Separation and identification by high-resolution technique (if appropriate)