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Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Type 2 (2A, 2B, FMTC) Mutation Screen

CPT Code Information Current Value

81405-RET (ret proto-oncogne) (eg, multiple endocrine neoplasia, type 2A and familial medullary thyroid carinoma), targeted sequence analysis (eg, exons 10, 11, 13-16)

CPT Code Information Value Prior to 1/01/2013 7:03am

81404-RET (ret proto-oncogene) (eg, multiple endocrine neoplasia, type 2B and familial medullary thyroid carcinoma), common variants (eg, M918T, 2647_2648delinsTT, A883F)


For nonparticipating payers:

83891-Isolation or extraction of highly purified nucleic acid

83898 x 6-Amplification, target, each nucleic acid sequence

83909 x 12-Separation and identification by high-resolution technique

83912-Interpretation and report