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Test ID: BHIS    
Bone Histomorphometry, Quantitative

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Specimen Type Describes the specimen type needed for testing


Specimen Required Defines the optimal specimen. This field describes the type of specimen required to perform the test and the preferred volume to complete testing. The volume allows automated processing, fastest throughput and, when indicated, repeat or reflex testing.

Specimen Type: Bone

Preferred: Anterior iliac crest

Container/Tube: Metal-free container (Supply T173)

Specimen Volume: Entire specimen

Collection Instructions:

1. Fix specimen in 70% ethanol.

2. Quantitation of bone turnover requires 2 time-spaced tetracycline labels.

Additional Information:

1. Consultation with a Mayo Medical Laboratories pathologist or endocrinologist/nephrologist is recommended for first-time users of this service. Written instructions are available upon request.

2. For further information, see Bone Histomorphometry Fact Sheet (Supply T579) in Special Instructions.

Forms: Bone Histomorphometry Information Sheet (Supply T352) in Special Instructions

Reject Due To Identifies specimen types and conditions that may cause the specimen to be rejected








Anticoagulants other than 70% alcohol

Specimen Stability Information Provides a description of the temperatures required to transport a specimen to the laboratory. Alternate acceptable temperature(s) are also included.

Specimen TypeTemperatureTime