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Test ID: MGETH    
Myasthenia Gravis (MG) Evaluation, Thymoma

Secondary ID A test code used for billing and in test definitions created prior to November 2011


NY State Approved Indicates the status of NY State approval and if the test is orderable for NY State clients.


Useful For Suggests clinical disorders or settings where the test may be helpful

Investigating patients with suspected or proven thymoma, whether or not symptoms or signs of myasthenia gravis (MG) are present


Serially monitoring patients for recurrence or metastasis after removal of thymoma


Providing a quantitative autoantibody baseline for future comparisons in monitoring a patient's clinical course and the response to thymectomy and immunomodulatory treatment


Assessing the likelihood of occult thymoma in a patient with an acquired disorder of neuromuscular or autonomic transmission


Evaluating bone marrow transplant recipients with suspected graft-versus-host disease, particularly if there is evidence of weakness


Confirming that a recently acquired neurological disorder has an autoimmune basis (eg, MG or dysautonomia)

Profile Information A profile is a group of laboratory tests that are ordered and performed together under a single Mayo Test ID. Profile information lists the test performed, inclusive of the test fee, when a profile is ordered and includes reporting names and individual availability.

Test IDReporting NameAvailable SeparatelyAlways Performed
ARBIACh Receptor (Muscle) Binding AbYesYes
ARMOACh Receptor (Muscle) Modulating AbNoYes
STRStriational (Striated Muscle) Ab, SYesYes
CRMWSCRMP-5-IgG Western Blot, SNoYes
GANGAChR Ganglionic Neuronal Ab, SNoYes
VGKCNeuronal (V-G) K+ Channel Ab, SNoYes
GD65SGAD65 Ab Assay, SYesYes

Testing Algorithm Delineates situation(s) when tests are added to the initial order. This includes reflex and additional tests.

Recommended for investigation of: 1) a patient with suspected or proven thymoma, whether or not symptoms or signs of MG are present (also of value for serially monitoring patients after removal of thymoma; a rising autoantibody titer may herald tumor persistence or recurrence), or emergence of an unrelated neoplasm and 2) a bone marrow transplant recipient with suspected graft-versus-host disease, particularly if there is evidence of weakness.


See Myasthenia Gravis: Thymoma Diagnostic Algorithm in Special Instructions.

Special Instructions and Forms Describes specimen collection and preparation information, test algorithms, and other information pertinent to test. Also includes pertinent information and consent forms to be used when requesting a particular test

Method Name A short description of the method used to perform the test

ARBI, ARMO, GANG, GD65S, VGKC: Radioimmunoassay (RIA)

STR: Enzyme Immunoassay (EIA)

CRMWS: Western Blot

Reporting Name A shorter/abbreviated version of the Published Name for a test; an abbreviated test name

MG Evaluation, Thymoma

Aliases Lists additional common names for a test, as an aid in searching

Acetylcholine Receptor (Muscle AChR) Antibodies
AChR (Acetylcholine Receptor)
Anti-Skeletal Muscle Antibodies
Muscle End-Plate Antibodies
Myasthenia Gravis Antibodies
Myoid Antibody
Striational (Striated Muscle) Antibodies