ACRN - Fees: Acylcarnitines, Quantitative, Plasma

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Test ID: ACRN    
Acylcarnitines, Quantitative, Plasma

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Test Classification Provides information regarding the medical device classification for laboratory test kits and reagents. Tests may be classified as cleared or approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and used per manufacturer's instructions, or as products that do not undergo full FDA review and approval, and are then labeled as an Analyte Specific Reagent (ASR), Investigation Use Only (IUO) product, or a Research Use Only (RUO) product.

This test was developed and its performance characteristics determined by Mayo Clinic in a manner consistent with CLIA requirements. This test has not been cleared or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

CPT Code Information Provides guidance in determining the appropriate Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code(s) information for each test or profile. The listed CPT codes reflect Mayo Medical Laboratories interpretation of CPT coding requirements. It is the responsibility of each laboratory to determine correct CPT codes to use for billing.

CPT codes are provided by the performing laboratory.


LOINC® Code Information Provides guidance in determining the Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes (LOINC) values for the order and result codes of this test.

LOINC codes are provided by the performing laboratory.

Test IDTest Order NameOrder LOINC Code
ACRNAcylcarnitines, Quantitative, PIn Process


Result IDTest Result NameResult LOINC Code
82413Acylcarnitines, Quantitative, P46252-3
10288Acetylcarnitine, C230191-1
36497Acrylylcarnitine, C3:1In Process
10289Propionylcarnitine, C330551-6
36498Formiminoglutamate, FIGLUIn Process
10290Iso-/Butyrylcarnitine, C443243-5
36499Tiglylcarnitine, C5:1In Process
10293Isovaleryl-/2-Methylbutyrylcarn C530531-8
365003-OH-iso-/butyrylcarnitine, C4-OHIn Process
36501Hexenoylcarnitine, C6:1In Process
10295Hexanoylcarnitine, C630358-6
365023-OH-isovalerylcarnitine, C5-OHIn Process
36503BenzoylcarnitineIn Process
36504Heptanoylcarnitine, C7In Process
102973-OH-hexanoylcarnitine, C6-OH30236-4
36505PhenylacetylcarnitineIn Process
36506SalicylcarnitineIn Process
10298Octenoylcarnitine, C8:130541-7
10299Octanoylcarnitine, C830540-9
36507Malonylcarnitine, C3-DCIn Process
36508Decadienoylcarnitine, C10:2In Process
10301Decenoylcarnitine, C10:130328-9
10302Decanoylcarnitine, C1030327-1
36509Methylmalonyl-/succinylcarn, C4-DCIn Process
365103-OH-decenoylcarnitine, C10:1-OHIn Process
10304Glutarylcarnitine, C5-DC30349-5
10305Dodecenoylcarnitine, C12:130332-1
10306Dodecanoylcarnitine, C1230331-3
365113-Methylglutarylcarnitine, C6-DCIn Process
365123-OH-dodecenoylcarnitine, C12:1-OHIn Process
103073-OH-dodecanoylcarnitine, C12-OH30233-1
10308Tetradecadienoylcarnitine, C14:230564-9
10309Tetradecenoylcarnitine, C14:130566-4
10310Tetradecanoylcarnitine, C1430565-6
36513Octanedioylcarnitine, C8-DCIn Process
103113-OH-tetradecenoylcarnitine C14:1OH30190-3
103123-OH-tetradecanoylcarnitine, C14-OH30238-0
10313Hexadecenoylcarnitine, C16:130357-8
10314Hexadecanoylcarnitine, C1630356-0
103163-OH-hexadecanoylcarnitine, C16-OH30234-9
10317Octadecadienoylcarnitine, C18:230534-2
10318Octadecenoylcarnitine, C18:130542-5
10319Octadecanoylcarnitine, C1830560-7
36514Dodecanedioylcarnitine, C12-DCIn Process
103203-OH-octadecadienoylcarn, C18:2-OH30237-2
103213-OH-octadecenoylcarnitine C18:1-OH30312-3
365153-OH-octadecanoylcarnitine, C18-OHIn Process
10322Comment (ACRN)48767-8