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Test ID: FNMR    
NMR Lipoprofile

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Reference Values Describes reference intervals and additional information for interpretation of test results. May include intervals based on age and sex when appropriate. Intervals are Mayo-derived, unless otherwise designated. If an interpretive report is provided, the reference value field will state this.

Cardiovascular Disease Risk

HDL-P (total)______ umol/L                  

Low Risk: >34.9

Intermediate: 34.9-26.7

High Risk: <26.7


Small LDL-P______ nmol/L                   

Low Risk: <117

Intermediate: 117-526

Borderline:  527-839

High Risk: >839


LDL Size______ nm                              

Large (Pattern A): 23.0-20.6

Small (Pattern B): 20.5-18.0


Small LDL-P and LDL Size are associated with CVD risk, but not after LDL-P is taken into account.


Insulin Resistance and Diabetes Risk

Large VLDL-P _____ nmol/L                              

Insulin Sensitive: <0.9

Intermediate: 0.9-6.9

Insulin Resistant: >6.9


Small LDL-P _____ nmol/L                                

Insulin Sensitive: <117

Intermediate: 117-526

Borderline: 527-839       

Insulin Resistant: >839


Large HDL-P  _____ umol/L                              

Insulin Sensitive: >7.3

Intermediate: 7.3-3.1

Insulin Resistant: <3.1


VLDL Size   _____ nm                          

Insulin Sensitive: <42.4

Intermediate: 42.4-52.5

Insulin Resistant: >52.5


LDL Size   _____ nm                             

Insulin Sensitive: >21.2

Intermediate: 21.2-20.4

Insulin Resistant: <20.4


HDL Size   _____ nm                            

Insulin Sensitive: >9.6

Intermediate: 9.6-8.9

Insulin Resistant: <8.9


Insulin Resistance Score         

LP-IR Score (0-100)

Insulin Sensitive: <27

Intermediate: 27-63

Insulin Resistant: >63


The LP-IR Score combines the information from the above 6 markers to give improved assessment of insulin resistance and diabetes risk.


These laboratory assays, validated by LipoScience, have not been cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration. The clinical utility of the laboratory values has not been fully established.


NMR Lipoprofile Test

LDL- P (LDL Particle Number)   _____ nmol/L

Low: <1000

Moderate:  1000-1299
Borderline-High: 1300-1599

High: 1600-2000

Very High: >2000



LDL-C (calculated) _____ mg/dL

Optimal <100

Near or above optimal: 100-129

Borderline-high: 130-159

High: 160-190

Very High: >190


HDL-C _____ mg/dL                 

Desirable: > or =40


Triglycerides _____ mg/dL        

Desirable: <150


Total Cholesterol   _____ mg/dL            

Desirable: <200


Test Performed by: LipoScience, Inc.

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                             Raleigh, NC 27616