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Test ID: FADA    
Adenosine Deaminase, Fluid

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Reference Values Describes reference intervals and additional information for interpretation of test results. May include intervals based on age and sex when appropriate. Intervals are Mayo-derived, unless otherwise designated. If an interpretive report is provided, the reference value field will state this.

Pleural Exudate:

Total protein >3.0 g/dL: 1.6-9.2 U/L


Pleural Transudate:

Total protein <3.0 g/dL: 0-6.7 U/L


Peritoneal Exudate:

Total protein >2.0 g/dL: 0-7.6 U/L


Peritoneal Transudate:

Total protein <2.0 g/dL: 0-7.6 U/L


Performance characteristics for specimen types other than pleural or peritoneal are unknown. Reference ranges have not been established.


Test Performed by:       University of Minnesota Physicians Outreach Laboratory

420 Delaware St. S.E.

Minneapolis, MN  55455