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Proven Outreach Strategies & Tips (POST)

Each video in this series provides a brief view of one of the critical aspects of a laboratory outreach program and shares proven strategies embraced by the most successful laboratory outreach programs across the country.

Topic Released
Changes in Health Care and Looking to the Future 2015-01
Award Winning Call Centers 2014-10
Outreach Strategic Planning: Contracting Impact on Future Growth 2014-07
Measuring Client Satisfaction 2014-05
The Faces of Your Outreach Program 2014-01
Laboratory Test Information Organization 2013-12
Outreach Sales 2013-10
Patient Service Centers: The Laboratory’s Presence Outside the Hospital 2013-08
The Outreach Phlebotomist: Value Beyond Specimen Collection 2013-06
Working with Other Hospital Departments 2013-04
Couriers – More than Logistics 2013-02
Success with Nursing Homes, Part 2 2012-09
Success with Nursing Homes, Part 1 2012-07
Customer Service 2011-08