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We will provide information to help you run your pre- and post-analytic operations more efficiently.

Phlebotomy includes a job description, surveys, a sample contract for establishing phlebotomy services in physician offices and a policy for homebound patients.

Patient Service Center includes planning templates and surveys for setting up a patient service center outside of your hospital laboratory.

Courier Service provides a guide for all aspects of your logistics development, including a link to our online dangerous goods training course.

Customer Service includes tools for improving your customer service, including competency standards, training, hiring, and phone system guidelines.

Connectivity & Information Systems helps you determine your connectivity needs and evaluate software vendors.

Process Improvement provides information on Lean processes, including value stream mapping and implementation planning.

Nursing Home Support offers sample contract language and insight into the issues and opportunities in working with the nursing home market.

Staffing includes a customer service hiring tool and sample job descriptions for a variety of operational positions.