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Dangerous Goods Training

Expires July 2017


Mayo Medical Laboratories provides this training as a service to clients and couriers. It is limited to shipping of medical specimens for diagnostic testing, including Category A Infectious Substances and Category B Biological Substances. Although Mayo Medical Laboratories strives to ensure that the information is current and accurate, it is the employer’s responsibility to perform and verify the training of their employees.

No training is endorsed or "certified" by ICAO, FAA, TSA, IATA, DOT, or any other association or agency.

Parts of this training apply only to shipments originating or ending in the United States. Only Mayo Medical Laboratories clients and couriers should use this training. Non-Mayo Medical Laboratories clients and couriers are encouraged to use one of the many commercial vendors specializing in IATA and DOT training.

Personnel Who Need Training

By law, any person who causes dangerous goods to be transported by a public carrier must follow specific regulations and must have proof of training.

In a laboratory environment, sendout staff, those who transport dangerous goods, and those who receive dangerous goods are among those who require training.

Upon completion of this course, you will be eligible to take an online self-assessment quiz to obtain a Dangerous Goods Shipping training-completion certificate.

This self-paced training and evaluation process is only one component of the client support offered by Mayo Medical Laboratories.

Receiving Proof of Training

The process consists of training and a quiz. Complete the following steps:

  1. Watch the training video or read the materials.
  2. Take and pass the Dangerous Goods Shipping Certification quiz. After you sign in, click the Start evaluation button.
  3. Generate and print the Dangerous Goods Shipping certificate that launches automatically at the end of the quiz.
  4. Sign the certificate and have a trainer or supervisor at your facility sign as “Facilitator.”
  5. Retain a copy of the training-completion certificate and a copy of these training materials according to your laboratory's procedures.

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