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Maternal Screening - Sonographer Approval Process

First Trimester Maternal Screen
Mayo Test ID: 87857

Sequential Maternal Screen, Part 1
Mayo Test ID: 60698

Prior to submitting a specimen, Mayo Medical Laboratories requires the following information from each certified sonographer:

  1. Verification of Certification
  2. Fax a copy of the sonographer's certification card or certificate to 507.538.7709.

  3. NT/CRL Data Form
  4. Sonographers should provide paired NT/CRL measurements from as many pregnancies as possible to validate the appropriate reference data. The relative risk associated with the NT measurement is calculated by comparing the patient's NT measurement to a reference curve.

    Complete the NT/CRL Data Form

    Note: If a sonographer's technique differs significantly from that of the reference curve, the accuracy of the results will be compromised.


Questions can be directed to Mayo Medical Laboratories: 800.533.1710
Ask for the maternal screening area.