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When I click on a web feed, why do I see a mess of code?

You are probably using Internet Explorer 6 to view web pages. 

Internet Explorer 6 is an old browser and does not know what to make of an RSS link. Clicking the Web feed icon in IE6 will result in viewing the code for the feed. 

You can confirm what version of Internet Explorer you have by going up to the menu at the top (where it says “File, Edit, View…”) and click on “Help.” Then select “About Internet Explorer.” This opens a window showing what version you have.

The easiest way to fix this is to update your copy of Internet Explorer.

If you are using an older browser, you still have options for viewing web feeds. Right-click the Web feed icon and choose “Copy Shortcut.” Then paste the feed’s link into a web-based or stand-alone feed reader.

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