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What are the various access levels for the site?

Access to content on the Mayo Medical Laboratories website is limited based on your website account configuration and your business service contract. Certain tools, applications, and information are reserved for authorized clients and their staff.

Access Level Comparison

Higher level access automatically includes all lower level content. For example, if you have Commercial Access you can view all content for Commercial, Transactional, and Basic registration levels.

The Access Levels table illustrates how to identify content that has limited access and how to determine whether that content will be available to you after you sign in.

Access Levels          
Basic You are registered with the Mayo Medical Laboratories website.        
Transactional You use Mayo Medical Laboratories occasionally as a reference laboratory.        
Commercial You have a commercial account with Mayo Medical Laboratories.        
Secondary You send a substantial portion of your tests to Mayo Medical Laboratories, but another laboratory is your primary reference laboratory.        
Primary You use Mayo Medical Laboratories as your primary reference laboratory, and you have full access to all information on this website.        

Verifying Your Access Level

If you have a website user account, complete the following steps:

  1. Sign in to the website.
  2. View your Profile page. Your access level to your website account is shown in large print near the top of the page.

For questions about accessing content or changing your access level, contact Customer Service.

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