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Autoimmune Dysautonomia Evaluation

An Update


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Autoimmune Dysautonomia Antibody Profile

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July 2012

The autoimmune dysautonomia antibody profile consists of 3 classes of antibodies that aid the diagnosis.  Firstly, there are the neuronal nuclear antibodies such as ANNA-1, also known as anti-Hu antibody, which is associated with small cell carcinoma.  Then there is the neuronal and muscle cytoplasmic antibody such as CRMP-5 IgG, GAD-65 antibody and striational antibody, and finally the third class is cation channel antibody such as the ganglionic alpha-3 neuronal acetylcholine receptor antibody that I have just discussed. The muscle acetylcholine receptor antibody, N and P/Q type calcium channel antibodies and voltage-gated potassium channel antibodies.

Antibody Profile


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