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Autoimmune Dysautonomia Evaluation

An Update


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Thermoregulatory Sweat Testing: Measuring Heat-Induced Sweating

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July 2012

By way of example, to illustrate some of the abnormalities that can be found in dysautonomia, this is an example of sweat testing. These images represent the degree of sweat loss to a powder that changes color with sweating when it is applied all over the body, but sparing the face.  If the patient sweats normally, the indicator powder changes to a purple color. The far left hand side you can see has normal sweating throughout.  The patient in the middle has evidence of more patchy hypohidrosis, or loss of sweating, particularly in the lower extremities whereas the patient on the far right side of the screen has widespread hypohidrosis affecting nearly the whole body.  This is just to illustrate the varying degrees of sweat loss and dysautonomia that can occur with these disorders.

Measuring Heat-Induced Sweating


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