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Anaerobic Bacteriology


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Specimen Selection: Avoid Contamination With Normal Flora

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June 2012

For specimen selection one must avoid contamination with normal flora.  Appropriate specimens include blood, and we recognize that inclusion of an anaerobic bottle in the blood culture collection will not only increase the recovery of anaerobes but will also increase recovery of facultative organisms, especially Streptococci.  Other appropriate specimens are normally sterile body fluids, including aspirates of pleural and synovial fluids, abscesses or cyst aspirates, surgically obtained tissues, including bone and joints, especially when there is infection of prosthetic joints suspected.  One must whenever possible avoid the use of swabs in collection of specimens for anaerobic culture.  This is because use of swabs, may enable or encourage collection of inappropriate or inadequate specimens and may not be amenable to suitable transport systems.

Avoid Contamination With Normal Flora


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