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Dengue Fever


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Why Re-emergence of Dengue in Florida?

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May 2012

Signs point to a re-emergence of dengue in Florida – many of the characteristics apply to other areas of the US as well. We have lots of travelers going to and from endemic areas. We have a prevalence of Aedes species; both Aedes aegypti, and Aedes albopictus. Both species can easily overwinter here in Florida. Many parts of the US have recently experienced one of the warmest winters in history. We have a largely nonimmune population. We certainly have the opportunity for mosquito exposure; very few visitors come to Florida and stay inside for the entire week. The take-home message is that dengue should now be included in differential diagnosis of acute febrile illness, especially among those who live or travel in the Southern United States or tropics.

Why Re-emergence of Dengue in Florida?


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