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Dengue Fever


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Rapid Tests

Slide 24

May 2012

As I alluded to in the previous slide, a number of immunochromatographic lateral flow tests (cassette tests) are available for the detection of dengue infections. These tests are based on detection of IgM,or IgG antibody, or detection of the NS1 antigen.

Recall that the NS1 structural protein antigen is expressed within the first 10 days of illness. This provides a good marker for early detection of infections. However, since NS1 is detected in response to infections due to other flaviviruses, cross-reactivity can be an issue. These tests are simple to perform. They take 15 minutes to result, and have assumed a very important role in outpatient screening or other field work. Studies in Southeast Asia have indicated use of both antibody and antigen rapid tests may increase sensitivity for acute dengue and allow earlier detection of infection.

However, these tests are not available for US use.

Rapid Tests


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