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Dengue Fever


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Laboratory Confirmation of Dengue

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May 2012

The IgM capture ELISA method, also known as MAC-ELISA, can be used for confirmation of infection, as well as serotyping of infection. In this method, an antihuman IgM bound to a microtiter plate captures IgM in the patient sample. A serotype-specific dengue antigen (protein E envelope glycoprotein) is added and detected with an enzyme-conjugated, dengue specific monoclonal antibody.

False-positive results due to cross-reactivity with other flaviviruses such as yellow fever, West Nile virus, and St. Louis encephalitis can occur.

Reported sensitivity of MAC-ELISA varies between 61.5–99%; specificity varies between 79.9–97.8%. IgM can persist up to 3 months.

An FDA-approved test using this format became available in April of 2011.

Laboratory Confirmation of Dengue


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