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Dengue Fever


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Laboratory Confirmation of Dengue

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May 2012

There are several molecular formats that have proven useful for the confirmation of dengue virus in patient samples.

Nucleic acid amplification tests (NAAT) are based on a nested PCR, which initially detects a highly conserved region of the virus, followed by a serotype-specific secondary PCR reaction.

Reverse transcriptase PCR and nucleic-acid sequence based amplification (NASBA) formats are also used.

Real-time PCR has an advantage due to its rapid turnaround time. Like other molecular tests it is useful for blood collected during the first 5 days of symptoms.

Real-time PCR has been reported to have 80–90% sensitivity; >95% specificity.

It is recommended that negative results from a molecular test are followed up with a serologic method.

Unfortunately, at this time, there are no FDA-approved tests available yet using these molecular methodologies.

Laboratory Confirmation of Dengue


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