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Dengue Fever


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Diagnostic Markers for Dengue

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May 2012

As with many other infectious diseases, an understanding of the sequence in which viral markers are expressed may help guide us in selection of the best test to use for diagnosis. You can see that the period of actual viremia is fairly short – 5 to 6 days after onset of illness. IgM starts to appear as viremia declines, and peaks approximately 14 days after onset of disease. IgM may persist up to 3 months.

IgG appears at the end of the first week of illness and slowly increases. IgG may be detectable over the lifetime of the individual. In secondary infections, high levels of IgG are detectable even in the acute phase of illness, whereas IgM levels are significantly lower. The structural protein, NS1 is expressed during the first 10 days of illness. All of these markers have been proven useful for diagnostic methods.

Diagnostic Markers for Dengue


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