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Dengue Fever


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Classification of Dengue Disease

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May 2012

Disease due to dengue virus was originally classified as dengue fever and dengue hemorrhagic fever. This placed an excessive emphasis on actual hemorrhage, whereas the most important manifestation was actually that of vascular permeability. Consequently, the World Health Organization (WHO) revised the disease classification in 2009; replacing 1997 recommendations. Disease is divided into 2 syndromes, dengue fever (DF) and severe dengue, which may include dengue shock syndrome (DSS), and hemorrhage.

Initial infections may be mild, or even asymptomatic, but secondary infections lead to more severe disease particularly if an infection with DENV serotype 1 is followed by DENV serotypes 2, 3 or an infection with DENV serotype 3 is followed by DENV serotype 2.

Age and nutritional status also affects severity of disease.

Classification of Dengue Disease


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