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Dengue Fever


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Vectors of Dengue

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May 2012

Note I mentioned vectors – plural; we have an additional mosquito species now associated with transmission of dengue.

Aedes albopictus is also known as the Asian Tiger mosquito – you can see why by the striking white bands on the legs. A single dorsal stripe on the thorax differentiates this species from Aedes aegypti.This species moves in when Aedes  aegypti declines in population. It has markedly different habits in that it is an aggressive biter, both day and night, and prefers to live outside. Humans are not its sole source of food, in that it bites a variety of other wild and domestic vertebrates as well.

Aedes albopictus is a vector for eastern equine encephalitis, in addition to dengue.

This species arrived in United States at the port of Houston in the 1980s via a shipment of old tires.

This mosquito migrates further from its breeding sites than Aedes aegypti, and thus can extend its range.

Vectors of Dengue


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