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Dengue Fever


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Dengue Virus

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May 2012

Dengue virus infection is the most common mosquito-borne infection worldwide–even surpassing malaria. This is a member of the flaviviridae. Other members of the flaviviridae family include: yellow fever, West Nile virus, St. Louis and Japanese encephalitis.

The virus in this electron micrograph consists of a 40–50 nm sphere, surrounded by a lipopolysaccharide envelope.

There are 4 serotypes (1–4), all of which have the same clinical manifestations. We have seen a shift in serotypes; in the 1970s, dengue 1–4 was limited to Asia, whereas types 1–2 were seen in South America and Africa. Today we generally see all 4 serotypes distributed worldwide throughout the “dengue belt” which has traditionally extended in a zone where winter temperatures average 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Generally speaking, this covers the area between 30 degrees north and south latitude.

Dengue Virus


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